About Me

I am a developer who first started coding on gmod making addons. I then found out that once you know one langauge, it's easier to exapand to others, so that's exactly what I did.

What I do...


Lets be honest, HTML is nothing without CSS. Some people don't even consider it a language because it's so easy to learn (hint: you should learn it becuase it's easy)


Lua was the first language I started on. I used it to make crappy gmod addons. I have moved on from Lua and don't really use it anymore, but it was a great start.


PHP is my favorite language. This is becuase I am the most skilled in the backend department and it's pretty cool in general (although some might disagree).


While my knowledge in CSS is acceptable, I lack skills in the creativity department.


I consider my Javascript to be adequate. I am very familiar with jQuery and NodeJS.


I'm very good with the linux operating system, specifcally Ubuntu Server. I'm currently hosting this website on my own servers!

C Sharp Logo

My second favorite language. It's truly amazing what you can do with it. I mainly use it for Unity and creating Windows apps.

Unity Logo

Recently, I've been using my C# skills to explore game development with the Unity Game Engine. I haven't made anything worth showing/distributing, but I hope to some day!